Weekly news briefing (9/15-9/19)

The ISIS Crisis

The issue with the extremist group, ISIS (also known as ISIL) has been an ongoing thing for a while now. So here’s a brief overview and the latest of the ISIS buzz.

John Cantlie

John Cantlie

  1. LATEST: ISIS released a new video in which British Journalist John Cantlie released a message from ISIS.
    • Cantlie is the latest hostage who was forced to send a message on behalf of the extremist group.
    • His message entailed him wearing an orange shirt and seated alone at a desk. According to Cantlie’s message, he will be sending a series of messages from ISIS.
  2. ISIS has threatened the life of another British hostage, Alan Henning.
  3. ISIS western executions:
  4. Two men were charged on Thursday, Sept. 18 in connection to a terror plot that Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, said involved a series of public executions.
    • According to Abbott, there was intelligence about a “demonstration killing,” which basically means a killing where the alleged individuals/group plan to kidnap a member of the public, behead the victim and then drape the person with an ISIS flag.

      President Barack Obama

      President Barack Obama

  5. President Obama’s strategy to “destroy” ISIS:
    • LATEST: The senate approved Obama’s plan to train and arm Syrian rebels to fight ISIS.
    • With the approval given by the senate on Thursday, Sept. 18, Obama is still reinforcing that there will be no American troops on the ground.

 Ebola virus


  1. Ebola-affected patients are buying survivors’ blood from the black market.
    • The blood for the Ebola virus survivors is said to have antibodies that can potentially fight the virus.
  2. The deadly virus has already killed 2,400 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.


Scotland decides to stay with UK

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond

  1. LATEST: Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister, decided on Friday, Sept. 19 (after Scotland voted against independence) that he would resign and step down as the Leader of the Scottish National Party.
  2. Scotland voted on Thursday, Sept. 18 on whether or not to be independent and break away from the UK. The majority of Scotland voted no and decided to stay with UK; 55% voted against the independence.

The NFL keeps messing up


First Ray Rice, then Adrian Peterson and now Jonathan Dwyer….what is going on?

  • LATEST: Arizona Cardinals backup running back, Jonathan Dwyer, has been released on bond after he got arrested for domestic violence.
    • Dwyer was deactivated from the Cardinals after the news of the arrest.
    • Dwyer was charged with domestic violence after he head-butted his wife in the face, causing a nose fracture.
    • Dwyer allegedly tried to get intimate with his wife after she repeatedly told him to stop. He wouldn’t stop and so she bit his lip, thinking he’d stop then. But instead, he head-butted her and threw a shoe, which hit his 17-month-old son.

5 Ways To Break An Addiction

photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc

photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc

Here’s something that’s been buzzing the news lately, with front cover stories and social media out roar: beloved comedian and actor, Robin Williams passed away on August 11. Williams starred in many comedic movies, such as Mrs. Doubtfire and won the hearts of numerous fans.

Now I’m sure you’ve already heard about how Williams died and how he killed himself. But here’s a brief reminder: Williams was battling from severe depression and also made a few trips to rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. With great sadness to Willams’ family, friends and fans, he was found in his bedroom (in a seated position) with a leather belt around his neck. Basically Williams had hung himself…

I’m not here to talk about this unfortunate and saddening event and upset you all over again. Because you’ve probably heard it all already. But rather, I’m here to talk about what one can do to cope with an addition, such as Williams’. And yes, I’m no doctor so you’re probably a bit skeptical about the advice I’m going to give you. But I think you’ll trust the advice of Dr. Phil, the well-renowned television personality, author and psychologist.

  1.  Acknowledge what your addition is and the purpose for breaking it.

Before going through the process of breaking an addition, however, you have to be able to fully give it your all and understand that you have an addition.  Because you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. Before

2.   Stop being in denial, and instead start thinking rationally.

So now you acknowledge that you have an addiction and understand that it is unhealthy for you, yet you still can’t get through your day without a pack of cigarettes or some vodka, for example; that’s you being in denial. You already know you have a problem, so why be in denial and minimize the severity of your addiction by adding fuel to the fire? You may need to start counting on yourself and others to help you think more rationally about the choices you make.

  1. Try using alternative coping skills for your addiction, such as (what I like to call) reward therapy.

Let’s face it; most of us like to work toward something expecting some sort of reward at the end. Whether it’s money, power, love or even just self-improvement, these are all types of rewards. So set some rewards for yourself, that way you have something to work toward when breaking your addition.

  1. Know what your danger zones are.

Figure out when and why you get the urge to fall into your addiction. People who suffer from an addiction have danger zones in which something triggers them to indulge in their bad habit. So figure out what your danger zones are and replace them with something else. For example, you feel the need to light up a cigarette after an exhausting day at work; try replacing that habit with something else, like maybe breathing exercises or even yoga. People resort to their addictions when they don’t see another way out and when they want to hide away from the stress. Yoga is a proven method for stress reduction, and guess what…it’s a healthier method as well!

  1. Seriously take action and make lifestyle changes.

Let’s say you’re trying to stop smoking or drinking… try not to bring money for those toxic items. Frame your life so you won’t fall into your addiction. Because remember…help for your addition starts with YOU.