Month: March 2013

Keek: A new way to communicate to the world

Young teen using Keek as a form of social media

Young teen using Keek as a form of social media

As social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more become increasingly popular, some competitors are also on the rise.

One such competitor is Keek, which is a quick method to share video updates with friends. Keek allows a maximum of 36-second video updates via webcam, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Not only does Keek allow users to upload 36-second videos, but also allows users to post keekbacks. This feature allows one to post a response, or feedback, to a certain keek. “Simply press the ‘Keekback’ button underneath a keek and record your video comment. Add an ‘@mention’ in the caption and they’ll be instantly notified that you posted a keekback for them,” stated

Keek also provides the freedom to send private keeks. “If you and another user are following each other, you can send them a private keek. Go to your Dashboard → Keekmail → Private keeks and click the ‘New private keek’ button. Simply enter your friend’s Keek username and record your message,” stated (more…)