Keek: A new way to communicate to the world

Young teen using Keek as a form of social media

Young teen using Keek as a form of social media

As social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more become increasingly popular, some competitors are also on the rise.

One such competitor is Keek, which is a quick method to share video updates with friends. Keek allows a maximum of 36-second video updates via webcam, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Not only does Keek allow users to upload 36-second videos, but also allows users to post keekbacks. This feature allows one to post a response, or feedback, to a certain keek. “Simply press the ‘Keekback’ button underneath a keek and record your video comment. Add an ‘@mention’ in the caption and they’ll be instantly notified that you posted a keekback for them,” stated

Keek also provides the freedom to send private keeks. “If you and another user are following each other, you can send them a private keek. Go to your Dashboard → Keekmail → Private keeks and click the ‘New private keek’ button. Simply enter your friend’s Keek username and record your message,” stated

On March 14, 2013, Keek announced the launch of its new account verification program to meet increased demand from many high-profile celebrities and influencers. Keek also began marketing select accounts with a verified symbol to help individuals and businesses at high risk of impersonation authenticate their identity.

According to, “The Keek community is growing rapidly with millions of people signing up monthly. Keek account verification is used to authenticate the identity of users. The verified icon helps establish trust and makes it easier for users to find you and your content.”

Keek’s features area a combination of many social media applications. For example, Keek’s verification program is similar to Twitter’s verification program. Twitter also provides a verification icon for high-profile celebrities and influencers. Apart from the verification program, Keek also provides the use of hashtags, which is also used by Twitter.

In addition, Keek shares some qualities with Instagram as well. The use of hashtags is also present in Instagram as it is on Keek and Twitter. Furthermore, Instagram provides constant photo updates, whereas Keek provides constant video updates. Keek is combination of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The only difference is that Keek allows users to communicate via videos only.

The origins of Keek come from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where Keek Inc. is located. Keek was launched early 2011, but just recently became popular when celebrities, such as the Kardashions, started using the app.

According to, Kim Kardashion, a famous celebrity, is quite fond of this interactive app. “Keek is a fun new way to interact with my fans and I really can’t believe how fast it’s grown,” says Kim Kardashian.’”

Keek is also known as a microvideo blogging app. With the rise in technology, most home videos are captured through the use of smartphones. However, as the number of apps continue to rise, it’s possible that microvideo blogging can be the next new thing.

The application is free to download. To learn more about Keek please visit Keek’s official website.



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