Fast Food Workers Are Striking for All of Us

Interesting read.
Do you think fast food workers deserve an increase in wage?

Be Young & Shut Up

After the media blitz on Ferguson, and amid coverage of America’s response to ISIL, another topic has been getting attention. People are on strike, demanding a 15 dollar wage and the right to unionize for fast food jobs. This is a good effort, because fast food jobs seriously blow chunks. More to the point, minimum wage and fast food wages are dangerously close to “this is total bullshit” levels of inadequacy. The protests have actually been ongoing since November of 2012, with strategies changing every few months as they struggle to be noticed. Now, strikers are being arrested for non-violent tactics such as blocking roadways and sidewalks, and they are being noticed, by people who think strikes don’t work, and that fast food workers don’t deserve a wage increase anyway. Thing is, strikes do work, and every worker deserves a wage increase.


It’s often pointed out that minimum wage isn’t intended to…

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