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Is online dating really worth it?

photo credit: Cali4beach via photopin cc

photo credit: Cali4beach via photopin cc

Online dating has been an option for many people. With the age of technology rising more than ever, people have more options and a variety to online dating. There is much controversy over whether online dating is really worth it and whether it’s safe.

There are millions of online dating sites available to the public, both free and with a price. The dating sites range from a vague category, to a very specific category, such as religion, race and gender.

Due to these categories, we would assume that online dating narrows down your choices to what best fits your needs in your partner. Furthermore, in individual dating sites, one is allowed to search for partners according to their specific preferences, such as height, weight and even income.

However, according to a study by Daily Infographic, called “Is online dating worth it?”, 81 percent of online daters provide inaccurate data on their profiles regarding height, weight or age. In addition, when it comes to weight, women claim to be 8.5 pounds thinner than they really are and men describe themselves as two pounds thinner and a half inch taller. Also, according to the study, women use profile photos taken 1.5 years earlier and men use profile pictures that are 6 months old on average. (more…)


Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy leads to controversies with experts

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

“To Mrs. Jolie: You have the right to do with your body what you choose; I believe in the freedom of choice.  But do you realize that everything else that you do in your life the smoking, the drinking, the bad foods, the stress, the fluctuations in weight; Do you realize that all that causes cancer? So, irony of ironies, you can have your healthy, completely healthy, normal breasts removed. But that doesn’t prevent other cancers from forming in your lungs, your brain, your stomach and your ovaries. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of women who follow in your footsteps,” said Gary Null on his radio talk show about Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a radical mastectomy.

One of a woman’s worst nightmares is finding out that she has breast cancer. Cancer can form in any woman’s body regardless of if your ancestors had cancer. Bad genes are not what cause breast cancer, instead an unhealthy lifestyle is what leads to cancer.

Well, you might be thinking that it’s treatable with chemo theory and radiation. Wrong! According to Gary Null and Dr. Christine Northup, chemo doesn’t really work and radiation is what causes the cancer! Now you might be wondering well what can I do to prevent cancer? (more…)